It looks like a San Diego delivery driver is “UPS” crap creek without a paddle after he allegedly pulled the old peeping tom routine on a 26-year-old woman last week.

According to a San Diego police report, the unidentified woman claims that the driver, Walter Flowers, delivered a package to her home on Wednesday before returning somewhere around 15 minutes later to watch her take a shower – apparently, he wasn’t invited!

Shortly after the woman spotted him spying on her from the hallway, Flowers fled the scene but then was ordered by his employers to return to the house for police questioning.

Incidentally, Flowers was then arrested and arraigned on misdemeanor charges of peeping, prowling, and trespassing, which sounds like a great title to the rap album he will have plenty of time to work on now that he is unemployed.

Although officials at UPS say that all employees are subject to extensive background checks, they admit that sometimes a peeping Tom, or peeping Walter gets by them.