Tool are moving forward with new music and a pair of updates from the band reveal that progress is actually being made on that elusive follow-up to 2006's '10,000 Days' album.

First comes word from the band's webmaster, who reports the following in a recent posting: "Good friend and King Crimson percussionist Pat Mastelotto stopped by the Tool loft the other day to listen to the guys working on new material. Since the recent sound-proofing renovation, I'm told that the writing/arranging sessions have been progressing rather nicely (welcome news for those waiting for a new record.)"

The second update comes courtesy of Tool guitarist Adam Jones, who simply posted an Instagram photo of a studio board with musical directions online with the caption/hashtag "#SmokeOnTheHorizon." It is not known if this is a song or album title or just a way to tease that the band is back at work with something new coming soon. Check out the Instagram photo below.



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Tool have been working on the new album, but admitted earlier this year that an ongoing legal issue has delayed the progress of the new disc. The band is due back in court in January to deal with their legal issues. But the two new updates are very good news for fans who have been patiently waiting for the band's next disc.

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