Motley Crue drummer Tommy Lee made headlines last month by posting a letter to Facebook in which he vented his frustration with people who are constantly seeking to take his picture. In a new interview, the musician clarified that he wasn’t addressing his true fans, but random people who approach him and don’t know his music.

“Irritates the f- -k out of me when people say … ‘You owe it to your fans, they put you where you are, etc. etc.!’ I certainly don’t owe anybody anything!” Lee posted on June 28. “I’m not here to take pictures with you, I’m here to entertain you! Nobody put me where I am but ME! They may have helped inspire me with their love for what I do … but I put myself right here where I want to be with a lot of hard work, practice, talent, luck, etc. What I do owe myself and others is being THE BEST I can be! And that’s making great music, being a good man, father, lover and human being! We all owe that kinda stuff to ourselves and each other.”

Talking to Fuse on Thursday (July 19), Lee said his problem is with “randoms” who only know him from seeing him on television. “I’m not talking about fans,” says Lee. “I’m talking about people that don’t even know who the f–k you are; they just want a picture with you. That’s how this all started.”

“My point was, everybody has a f–king camera in their phone these days. In the past, if someone wanted a picture with you and they had a camera on them it was like, ‘F–k yeah, let’s rip a picture, this is cool!’” Lee said. “And now everybody has a f–king camera, so if you stop and take a picture with a fan, somebody sees that and you got yourself a f–kin’ 30-minute or one-hour meet-and-greet, my friend. And some people don’t even know who you are. They don’t even know your music but they’ve seen you on TV. So here you are, just trying to sneak into Starbucks for a quick coffee, and it turns into a f–kin’ meet-and-greet at a record store.”

Lee recently shared the story of having an overzealous receptionist ask for a picture at the mortuary where he was picking up his mother’s ashes. He told Fuse that he’s had some fan backlash from his Facebook post, but he hopes his real fans will try to understand his position. “So to tell you the truth, at the end of the day, I really don’t care,” he said. “I said what I needed to say and hopefully the people who got it, got it.”