Tom Morello has shown his talents across a variety of musical styles over the years and he's putting his guitar to work with Wu-Tang Clan rapper GZA on a new rendition of the classic song "The Mexican."

The track was initially released and recorded by Babe Ruth in the 1970s and was covered by Jellyfish in the 1980s. But for this re-imagined version of the song, GZA lays down some fresh lyrics and collaborates with Morello, Hanni El Khatib and Unknown Mortal Orchestra's Ruban Nielson for a more funkier version.

Though GZA is working on new music, "The Mexican" is viewed as a standalone track. It was arranged by Jose "Choco" Reynoso, primarily featuring a steady beat and flamenco guitar lines through most of the song. However, toward the end, you can hear Morello's signature atmospheric guitar sound, followed by some of his guitar scratching, giving the song even more of an edge.

Morello is best known for his work with Rage Against the Machine and Audioslave, but he's also ventured into protest anthem territory with The Nightwatchman, added a little funk-rock to his repertoire with Street Sweeper Social Club and most recently spent time playing guitar for Bruce Springsteen. He's also worked with the likes of Primus, Johnny Cash, Cypress Hill, Device, Linkin Park and more.

GZA, meanwhile, is reportedly working on a new disc titled Dark Matter. No official release date has been announced.

Take a listen to GZA featuring Tom Morello on "The Mexican" below, with the original track by Babe Ruth just under the Soundcloud player.

GZA Featuring Tom Morello, "The Mexican"

Babe Ruth, "The Mexican"