It's not like Respawn Entertainment could just Warpfall a new level from the sky.

This newest video from Respawn Entertainment showcases the amount of detail and stages of rendering that went into designing a map for Titanfall's upcoming Expedition downloadable content pack. We get to see the bayou and trees of the Swampland rendered from the ground-up in some amazing time-lapsed footage. More importantly, we get to see this anticipated map in motion and can speculate how to use the Swampland to our advantage -- be ready to dash your Titan around the giant trees for cover and use the water treatment facility as a potential sniping location.

Titanfall’s Expedition DLC is due to launch sometime this month for the price of $9.99 and contains the Runoff, War Games and Swampland maps. There will be two other DLC packs coming out later this year. Anyone hoping to buy all three DLC packs should get Titanfall’s Season Pass, which includes the Expedition DLC, for $24.99, and gives you a $5 overall discount compared to buying each map pack individually.