Twin-stick shooter Tiny Troopers: Joint Ops has a new trailer that gives you a taste of the bite-sized warfare it has to offer.

You can download this game, complete with over 50 mini-maps plus a Zombie Survival Mode, across all of your PlayStation systems thanks to its support of the Cross-Save and Cross-Buy functionality. So it doesn't matter whether you buy it on the PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4 or the PlayStation Vita, you'll have it available for your other PlayStation devices.

You'll roll through the maps with a squad comprised of different specialists like Medics, Machine Gunners and Elite Delta Force members, all with the express goal of blowing your enemies to kingdom come. There's no reason to be subtle when you've got a game with over seven hours of unbridled action, with each level featuring plenty of enemies to kill as well as medals, dog tags and intel to collect.

Check it out on the PlayStation Store and get your thumbs moving those sticks!

There are zombies, but we doubt whether they're creepy or not.