It's no secret I like Netflix. I get to marathon Always Sunny, ArcherHouse and Breaking Bad whenever I want. I also love documentaries. Here are a few I've watched recently that are worth checking out.

  1. Soaked In Bleach - This one might take you off guard a bit because it has a lot of reenactments. Especially since one of the actors is Daniel Roebuck, who is one of those "Hey, that guy" guys. He even played Jay Leno in the TV movie, The Late Shift. But this is all about a private investigator Courtney Love hired to track down Kurt Cobain days before he died. And let's just say, it doesn't paint Love in a very flattering light. Oh, and it's actual taped conversations from the PI that play during the reenactments.
  2. Beware of Mr. Baker - Ginger Baker is regarded as one of the best drummers ever. He's also known for being an absolute head case. If you aren't familiar with Ginger Baker, he was in Cream with Jack Bruce and Eric Clapton. This documentary starts right out of the gate with Baker smacking the documentarian in the face with his cane. And that's just the crazy getting started.
  3. Dear Mr. Watterson - If you opened a newspaper from 1985 to 1995, chances are you caught at least a glimpse of Calvin and Hobbes. Once I got introduced to it around 1989, I never missed a strip and now own all the books. It was brilliantly written, and illustrated. I still go back and read them today. And as good as the comic strip was, there was one thing that always intrigued me more. Bill Watterson, the author. In the age of Garfield being on everything, Watterson refused merchandizing of Calvin and Hobbes. And since he ended the strip in 1995, not much has been been seen of Watterson. This documentary goes deep into phenomenon that is Calvin and Hobbes and the man that is Watterson. Or at least as close as you can about the man, without having him on camera because he doesn't do interviews.