Just in time to celebrate the one month anniversary of the completion of his stint in rehab, Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino shows his G-rated side by launching a Facebook game with App Genius based on the kid-friendly boardwalk games founded at the now infamous Jersey shore.

The Situation and Family Boardwalk Arcade will feature two mini-games, Fascination and Frog Toss. Fascination is a variation of Skee Ball, while Frog Toss is a game where the goal is launch frogs onto lily pads using mallets.

You play against other nine players at a time and winning at either game will result in virtual tickets that you can redeem for real “Sitch” themed merchandise like gym bags, temporary tattoos and free refills of Valtrex. It’s like Chuck E’ Cheeses but with less desirable prizes.

Also, be on the lookout as The Situation will be running the actual Seaside boardwalk games in about three or four years. The situation will be that he will be broke.