Tomorrow (Nov. 25) will see the proper return to the stage of the Rolling Stones, with the first of two gigs at London's 02 Arena. However, even though the eyes of the rock world will be upon them and they've had two warm-up gigs in Paris, they are still not sure of what they will play.

"We've been thinking long and hard about the set list," Ronnie Wood told the London Evening Standard. "But to be honest we still haven’t finalised it. You forget how hard it is. It's intense but that’s what we do — people have paid a lot of money for their tickets and we have to get it right."

With a catalog as deep as the Stones, we can imagine how tough it must be. Presumably they're going to want to see how new songs 'Doom and Gloom' and 'One More Shot' stand alongside the tried-and-true chestnuts that never leave the setlist. Maybe they'll throw in, as they've often done, an old R&B cover or two and a deep album cut that they've rarely performed. And, as long as Mick Taylor will be sitting in at some point, dare we dream for 'Sway' or 'Ventilator Blues,' his only official co-writing credit with the Stones?

Then again, we're not that picky (unless, of course, they decide to do 'Jamming with Edward' in its entirety). We're sure that, whatever they decide upon, it will be performed with all the ragged glory that we've come to expect from the World's Greatest Rock N' Roll Band.