I'm not a fan of Trump. In my opinion, he's uninformed. He says vile things and won't accept responsibility for the consequences. He's gauche. He's a grotesque parody of what it means to be a conservative.

But this latest information about Trump is BY FAR the most concerning. It comes from an interview his butler (yes, His butler.) did with the New York Times. In it, the butler mentions how Trump likes his steak:

It would rock on the plate, it was so well done

Donald Trump eats his steak well-done. Now, am I saying that a preference for steak cooked well-done should automatically disqualify someone from being president? Yes. That's exactly what I'm saying.

Anyone who eats their steaks anything over medium should be shunned by society. They shouldn't be allowed to hold office. I'm not comfortable with a well-done steak eater voting. I certainly wouldn't want one as a neighbor.

Medium rare. God invented cows to be eaten at a medium rare level. Personally I like my steak rarer than Action Comics Number 1. I like it so pink that Susan G. Komen sues it for infringement. "Knock it's horns off, wipe it's ass and walk it through a warm room", I always say. When they ask me how I like my steak cooked I answer, "Barely".

Thinkstock/Valentyn Volkov

Why would anybody want a steak cooked well-done anyway? If they're going to burn it to a crisp it's not going to taste like a steak anyway. You should just have them incinerate a hamburger patty and save yourself forty bucks.

Donald Trump: bully. Misogynist. And, worst of all, eater of overcooked steak.