Happy St. Patrick's Day! Today is also Brandon's birthday. I'm pretty sure he is turning 21 years-old. Buzz decided we needed to celebrate this special day with a pinata and some mexican candy. So, he sent me out to pick up a pinata.

Brandon the birthday boy

I know how much Buzz loves Donald Trump. Lucky for us, the shop I went to had this awkward looking Donald Trump pinata.

Donald Trump

We filled the pinata with Mexican candy. This is our phone screener Joanna enjoy some early this morning.

Joanna the phone screener

And, Fernie is wearing his *My Lucky Charm* shirt.

Fernando Cuevas

Below is a video I play every single St. Patrick's Day! It's a tradition. I just love when the lady says,'It could be a crackhead who got hold of the wrong stuff! It told him to get in a tree and play a leprechaun!'