There’s always room for more music from the Kinks! A little over ten years ago, a two-disc Kinks BBC sessions collection was issued, but this time, those vaults have really been raided. 

Set for a release date of August 13, a five-CD / one-DVD box set titled, ‘The Kinks at the BBC’ will hit the streets. The collection has been compiled from all of the existing recordings found within the BBC archives.

The Sanctuary Records press release states that the box will feature “a raft of sessions and live recordings from throughout the band’s career including the rare concert and unheard session recordings.” The five discs cover a long run of appearances; from their first BBC session on Sept. 7th, 1964 at London’s Playhouse Theatre, up through their last BBC performance over thirty years later, on Oct. 8, 1994.  Over the years, a total of 24 visits were made by the band.

In addition to the five audio CDs, ‘The Kinks At The BBC’ will also include a DVD featuring live appearances from ‘Top of the Pops’ and ‘The Old Grey Whistle Test’. A more subtle two-CD version will also be available for the more timid. As of now, the set will only be available as an import and will cost you around $60.

The Kinks’ archives have been flowing the past few years with the six-CD ‘Picture Book’ box set, deluxe two-disc editions of their ’60s catalog, and the ‘Kinks in Mono’ box set released last year that featured the original mono mixes of those classic early albums.