Going to the gym can be tough for noobies, but it can also be fun. After all, you're getting fit and sweating it out. Plus, you'll probably see some hotties while you're there. Our point is, it doesn't have to be walking-to-Mordor-like task to start getting yourself to the gym and pumping iron. And with our handy little guide, you'll be a bonafied gym rat in no time!

  • 1

    First, pick out an appropriate workout outfit. The brighter your duds, the more people will admire you.

  • 2

    Don't forget that stretching out your muscles is the key to a good workout.

  • 3

    Try to find a workout that's fun for you to do. Just make sure to wipe down the equipment afterwards.

  • 4

    Having workout buddies helps to ensure that you'll have a fun, satisfying session.

  • 5

    And always remember to share. No one likes it when someone abuses equipment like it's theirs.