Marijuana is legal in a couple of U.S. States and that means an increase in dogs getting high on weed. Most of these case are dogs eating edibles like Rice Krispy treats infused with marijuana.

One of my favorite TV shows, Inside Edition, did a segment on the effects marijuana has on dogs. Apparently a you can find a bunch of videos on YouTube of dogs high on bud. The video below shows a adorable Husky not able to stand and he isn't able to get his tongue back in his mouth either.

According to Vets, dogs will not die from ingesting weed.Just like humans it would take a bunch of marijuana to overdose. Veterinarian Dr. Diane Levitan spoke to Inside Edition regarding dogs eating edibles:

Eating high levels of marijuana is potentially fatal for your pet. People really need to understand that. A person knows how much they want to eat, they know what they are eating, and they know when to stop—hopefully. Dogs on the other hand will find cookies or brownies and they are in dog heaven. They just keep eating and eating until the cookies are gone.