I remember going to the fair as a kid. The food was awesome. We would always go to the booth with the burgers that had these amazing grilled onions on them. Of course, it was a cousin of a cousin that owned the stand, so we might have been a little bias, but it was still damn good.

If there are fair foods that you absolutely love and wish you could have year round, there's a Walmart in Plano, TX comes in. They'll be opening a restaurant called State Fair Treats. Here the menu will feature 45 snacks and treats that are spotted at various fairs from around the country. Some examples are:

  • Cookie Fries
  • Smoky Bacon Margarita
  • Fried Pop-Tarts
  • Deep Fried Cuban Rolls

They will have some of the more "standard" dishes as well, including funnel cakes, corn dogs, etc. But no word on the hamburgers with the awesome grilled onions.