It's been more than six years since Ted Nugent released a studio LP, but the Motor City Madman isn't hanging up his six-string. In fact, it sounds like fans will get some brand new tunes for their varmint-huntin' mixtapes in the very near future.

The Nuge shared the news in a recent interview with Bravewords, conducted to promote his new live CD/DVD set 'Ultralive Ballisticrock.' "'Really good' sucks where I come from," boasted Nugent. "You have to be ungodly. You have to be scary. Flames have to come out of your ass before you can be in my band. And we capture that -- as we do every night -- heroically and magically capture that on this DVD."

Aside from the usual live favorites, 'Ballisticrock' contains a new song, 'I Still Believe' -- and Nugent says that's just the tip of the camouflage-covered iceberg. Revealing plans to enter the studio in February or March, he promised, "Your cravings for real, American, rhythm and blues, driven rock ‘n’ roll will be very, very happy when you hear my new songs. I have some killer licks and riffs and powerhouses, and we love the music. We can’t wait to record."

And what makes those licks and riffs so killer? According to Nugent, his writing process at this point resembles "a really good s---," because "my plumbing processes work really purely. It’s a pure plumbing system. And so my musical plumbing, whether it’s mental or just spiritual, and God knows physical, I live life so to the fullest, that by being clean and sober, it makes my radar, my life’s radar work perfectly. And I mean, it really does. I just don’t miss nothin'."