At this point it should be pretty well known what I think about all the presidential candidates. They all suck. And this is the exact reason it's so easy to get sucked into comics where sometimes, it makes way more sense than the real world. Or is at least less sad.

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Back in 2007, Stephen Colbert ran for president. In real life he actually did. He was going to originally run as a Republican, until he learned it was a $35,000 fee to enter the Republican primary. He did end up paying the $2,500 fee to be included on the South Carolina Democratic ballot. Although he was ultimately denied a place on the ballot by the South Carolina Democratic Party executive council. He eventually ended his real life presidential run in November 2007.

Now, to 2008, and in the Marvel Universe. He ran for president. And after a very low attended campaign event, he ran into Spider-Man fighting Grizzly. He wanted to help but Spider-Man told him it wasn't his fight. And after being dropped off at a building by Spider-Man, Colbert drops a statue on Grizzly's head, knocking him out. It all starts with the Amazing Spider-Man #573 and ultimately ended up with Colbert winning the popular vote for president. Only to be defeated by Barack Obama in Electoral votes.