Sony and Marvelous AQL have just announced Soul Sacrifice will be hitting the PlayStation Vita on April 30th.

Eagerly awaited since its Japanese release, Soul Sacrifice is the next title from legendary developer Keiji Inafune. A Vita exclusive, the third-person action title pits the player against a legion of monsters, and includes co-operative play for up to four people. Soul Sacrifice will be available digitally the same day as retail.

In addition to the release date, Sony also announced some pre-order incentives for fans. Anyone who pre-orders Soul Sacrifice will get two bonus costumes to help customize characters, and three special magic items (Spirits' Blightstone, Spirits' Flamepike, Spirits' Fulgurwood), for use in the game. To make the idea of reserving a copy more attractive, Sony is even offering a special Japanese dialogue track to anyone who commits to buying the game in advance.