What happens when a New York city gal finds herself in West Texas? Well, if she is adventurous, she will embrace the Western lifestyle by getting herself a motorcycle and a couple of handguns. And why not a skimpy bikini too?  It can get pretty hot out in the desert.

But that’s not just any New Yorker so generously displaying her midsection. That’s Smethanie, one of our contributors that actually works in our Big Apple headquarters. She struck this pose and others during a visit with our friends at KLAQ in El Paso.

We don’t know what got into her out there, but we’ve certainly never seen her looking like this around the office. Which is probably a good thing, as New York has some pretty strict handgun regulations. (Just ask Plaxico Burress.)

Now when we see Stephanie in the halls, we will be thinking about the sexy shots below. For more pictures of the “Corporate Computer Babe,” check out the KLAQ website.