Slipknot's Corey Taylor has voiced his displeasure with Donald Trump as a presidential candidate on multiple occasions, and he's once again speaking out against Trump and what his current lead for the Republican nomination represents.

Taylor first expressed his concern in a December interview, stating, "I'm nervous. I think everybody is," pointing out that at first it seemed like a joke but that there were people taking him seriously because he's a talking head on television. In another interview, he called out the mudslinging and derision currently in play with the Republican party.

Now, in an interview with Rolling Stone, Taylor doesn't hold back in expressing why a Trump presidency is of such concern to him. "The thing that bothered me was that people were taking Trump seriously," Taylor said. "I'm not going to let that [racism] stand. I may have bulls---ted myself into thinking we were a little further ahead when it comes to race, but what we're seeing right now is a lot of the far right fringe coming out of the woodwork and wearing their hatred right on their sleeves. That cannot be what our legacy is. Too many people died during the Civil War, during the Civil Rights Movement. We should not be asking, 'Jesus Christ, what decade is this? How is this OK?'"

He also voiced his concern over the way that he feels Trump takes advantage of his right to free speech. "Did you see the video of a Secret Service agent choke-slamming the reporter?" he asks. "What country is this exactly? And the fact that [Trump] absolutely bulldozes his way through questions instead of answering them, it brings such a horrific reaction to people. It's shocking that nothing is sticking to him. I want to encourage people to stand up for freedom of speech, but as much as I would love to not hear anyone talk the way that Donald Trump does, unfortunately, freedom of speech covers him, too."

Taylor says of Trump, "I'm damn sure not going to shut up about it. This is not what people fought and died and sacrificed everything for, and I'll be damned if I let my country go down that road again. I know that as soon as people hear cursing, they tend to tune it out, but if you're not cursing, you're not pissed off enough. You really need to get that in your blood because that's the only way we're gong to shut this s--t down."

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