When Sixx:A.M. hit the road for their upcoming world tour, we're sure all the really important stuff will go smoothly -- but if it doesn't, at least guitarist DJ Ashba and singer James Michael will have some experience with what to do when things go catastrophically wrong onstage.

The duo shared the stories of their own personal real-life Spinal Tap moments during an exclusive video interview with Ultimate Classic Rock, and it probably won't surprise you to learn that Ashba's occurred while he was onstage with his "other" band, Guns N' Roses -- and that it's just as over-the-top and potentially lethal as any of the other infamous events in GNR concert history.

"I have tons, but the one that stands out is when I caught on fire by pyro," laughs Ashba in the above video. As he explains, he had a habit of poking the stage gerbs -- pyro cylinders that shoot sparks -- with his guitar in order to produce a "crazy cool-looking sparkler display." One night, however, those sparks struck the pyro underneath Ashba, and ended up lighting him on fire ... although it took him a surprisingly long time to figure it out.

"I was out there playing, and I just remember thinking, 'Wow, it's getting really hot up here,'" he recalls, noting that he didn't realize what was happening until he looked over at fellow GNR guitarist Richard Fortus. "It looked like he'd seen a ghost -- he just stopped playing. Evidently, I had a flame going all the way up my back, like way above my head. He's like putting me out, and I'm trying to play. It burned a hole in the ass of my jeans ... and one of the techs thought it was a great idea to put duct tape over it to get me through the show, which was clever until I had to rip it off, and it literally took all the skin off with it."

Michael's story is nowhere near as life-threatening, but it's much more embarrassing, and involves a disastrous early gig with "a really, really crappy band" that included a fake drummer, a poorly timed burst of onstage clumsiness and a Velcro failure. To find out what happened, just watch that video up there -- and don't forget to check out Sixx:A.M.'s new 'Modern Vintage' album, in stores now.

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