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The After Buzz -- July 11, 2018
This episode of the 'After Buzz' has everything from talking professional sports in El Paso to crazy bachelor party stories.
Tony Parker Leaves Spurs After 17 Years
The Spurs are in the middle of lots of changes. After 17 years with the team, Tony Parker has moved on from the Spurs and signed with the Charlotte Hornets.
The Perfect Nap Consists Of...
Here on the MoSho we know the true value of a good nap. Here are the perfect conditions for a nap, and also some other nap stats.
Thai Navy SEAL Diver Dies Helping Trapped Soccer Team
It seems like there are easy options to get the trapped soccer team out of the cave in Thailand. Well, the options aren't that easy, as a former Thai Navy SEAL has passed away while helping to rescue the boys and their coach.
Movies Kids Should Watch Before They Turn 13
Joanna, Lisa, and Brandon all compiled a list of movies that need to be watched by every kid before they turn 13. Do you agree? Is there a movie you think should be on the list?
Let's Play a Game of 'Would You Rather'
Need something to do with family and friends? Ask these questions and see what kind of answers you get. Like, would you be willing to sacrifice the Foot Fighters to have Kurt Cobain back?