'Brott mot griftesfriden' may sound like some sort of delicious sausage, but it's actually Swedish for 'violating the peace of the dead,' which is what a 37-year-old woman in Sweden is being charged with after allegedly having sexytimes with a human skeleton. 

Make no bones about it (sorry), this is an actual case. Among the evidence the prosecution is presenting are several photographs of morgues and chapels, and instructional steps on how to have sex with dead bodies. Police also found a photograph of a woman licking a skull, which the defendant claimed was not her. We've used that whole "holding it for a friend" excuse before too, but that was just for regular old dirty magazines. Yeesh.

Prosecutors have not able to explain how this woman managed to collect enough bones to create almost an entire human skeleton (are you shivering yet?) but they claim  that she used the bones in an 'unethical way.'

We're honestly not even sure how this whole thing works, but it sure gives the term "bone collector" a whole new meaning.