In the world of rock, the date April 5 is a solemn one, as it marks the anniversary of the death of both Nirvana frontman Kurt Cobain and Alice in Chains singer Layne Staley. Now, 19 years after Cobain's death, the Seattle Post-Intelligencer online newspaper has unveiled a number of never-before-published photos of Cobain's death scene have been revealed, some of which show Cobain being carried out of his home by medical workers.

Although Cobain's body was discovered by an electrician on April 8, 1994, medical examiners determined the rock legend died from a self-inflicted gunshot wound three days earlier on April 5. A photograph of Kurt Cobain's body, which shows him from the waist-down, was widely publicized shortly after his demise, but it's taken 19 years for these new pictures to see the light of day.

Mike Urban, who worked for the Seattle Post-Intelligencer in 1994, took the newly published pictures while covering the breaking news of Cobain's death. Urban's negatives, along with those from other photographers, simply sat at the Museum of History and Industry among millions of preserved negatives for years before being published by the Seattle Post-Intelligencer website earlier today.

Along with images of Cobain's property along with fans mourning the late musician, there are a number of photos that depict Cobain's body wrapped under a white sheet while being taken out of his home on a gurney. Although the images aren't graphic in nature, some people may find them disturbing. To see the newly publicized pictures at the Seattle Post Intelligencer website, click the button below.