Anthrax guitarist Scott Ian has started a new blog on his official site, and his first post is definitely newsworthy. He covers several different topics, but the one that will make Anthrax fans most excited is they have been working on several new songs.

"Charlie, Frankie and I are working hard at new Anthrax," Ian writes. "We’ve had a couple of writing sessions and things are moving along well, fast for us actually. We’ve got 7 songs arranged musically and we’re getting together again in a week and a half. The new stuff is aggressive, fast, even riff-ier than the last record and some of it is difficult to play."

"Nothing like writing parts that are above my ability as a guitar player!" Ian exclaims. "When that happens the drill sergeant in my brain yells “PRACTICE YOU LAZY F--K!” So I do. And I nail that s--t. I’m just getting into lyrics, song titles, nothing to talk about yet."

The wide-ranging post covers also covers topics like plumbing issues at his house and the Jonas Brothers breaking up, but Ian also recounts his recent experience at Eddie Trunk's 30th anniversary in radio party.

Ian and bandmate Frank Bello got to play a few Kiss songs at the show with Peter Criss and Ace Frehley. "To be playing songs that I grew up with, songs that have had such an influence on me, with those guys, it’s just hard to wrap my head around it," Ian writes. "I’ve been friends with Ace and Peter for years but that doesn’t take away from the enormity of the situation."