Vernon Hancock, a 22-year veteran of the San Angelo Fire Department, has been promoted to assistant chief, responsible for support services.
Hancock’s promotion was effective last month. As assistant chief of administration, he is responsible for issues related to facilities, trucks, uniforms, contracts and administrative duties. The SAFD’s other assistant chief, Scott Farris, oversees personnel and operations.

“Vernon has already had a long and distinguished career with the San Angelo Fire Department,” Chief Brian Dunn said. “This promotion allows him to tap his talents and experience in ways that will be of even greater benefit to the department, to our firefighters and to our citizens.”

Hancock joined the SAFD in 1991 at the urging of his brother, a Midland firefighter who encouraged him that the fire service was steadier employment than the oilfield. Hancock earned his first promotion to driver in 1993, followed by lieutenant in 2006 and captain in 2008.

Throughout his career in the fire service, Hancock has worked part-time in construction, which he called the family trade. That experience should be of benefit in maintaining and improving the SAFD’s eight stations, and in the construction of a $2.6 million training center behind the City’s Animal Shelter on U.S. Highway 67 North. The 12-acre complex will include a burn building of at least four stories, a large classroom facility, offices for training staff and fire props. The center will be operational by the fall of 2015.

Hancock said he felt a sense of duty to seek the promotion to assistant chief after his peers encouraged him to do so.

“I always figured I’d become an officer, but I never intended to advance past captain,” he said. “To be entrusted in this way is a tremendous honor that comes with some heavy responsibility. I look forward to the challenge and to the continued opportunity to serve.”