The changes that everyone noticed in San Angelo water during this month will end soon. The City of San Angelo Water Utilities Department will revert to its normal disinfectant in the public water supply on Monday, July 1, having completed its temporary conversion to free chlorine.
In the process of converting back to chloramine, there may be a change in the taste and odor of the water during the first week. Once chloramine disinfection is back in full process, the taste and odor of the water should return to what it was prior to the free chlorine disinfection program of the last four weeks.

Chloramine disinfection uses a mixture of chlorine gas and liquid ammonium sulfate.  Water customers who have kidney dialysis machines or aquariums are encouraged to contact their equipment suppliers to ensure they have the correct equipment for chloramine removal.

The periodic and temporary conversion from chloramines to free chlorine is a normal procedure for public water systems that ensures water safety in distribution lines and the highest quality of drinking water. Because free chlorine is a stronger disinfectant, a noticeable chlorine odor and taste can occur.

For more information, call (325) 657-4300.