Adding to the growing list of next generation rumors, new specifications for the development kit for Sony's next console have been uncovered.

These latest specs were leaked to Kotaku from SuperDae, the very same source who revealed the Xbox 720/Durango dev kits last year. Though the hardware may not be 100-percent indicative of the retail version of the PlayStation 4, it's a reasonable assessment that these specs will fall fairly close in line with what consumers will get to purchase.

The PS4 dev kits reportedly include 8GB RAM, with four dual-core AMD64 "Bulldozer" processors. They also feature a AMD R10xx GPU, along with a Blu-ray drive, four USB ports, as well as HDMI and optical outputs.

The controller for the PS4 is one of the biggest mysteries to this point, as there is a sweeping notion Sony may be changing from the Dual Shock style once again. The purported new controller will include a touchpad similar to the Vita's rear panel, which would allow for two-point touch. What purpose that would serve remains to be seen. Motion sensing is also supposedly slated to return, and there is reportedly a new "Share" button, though it's not clear just what it does at the moment.

The biggest new piece of information gleaned from these documents is the possibility for multiple user accounts to be signed in at once. When you log in to the PlayStation 3, you can only sign in as one person. With the PS4, anytime a new controller is turned on, that person logs into the system. Accounts aren't tied to a particular controller, but instead of being a nameless "Player 2," second (and third, etc.) users will be able to join in with their own accounts. Whether this type of interaction is localized or will be able to be completed across the PlayStation Network is unclear.

As with all leaks and rumors though, until Sony officially announces the PlayStation 4, don't get too excited about the potential prospects.