If there’s one person whose day was made more pleasant and complete than whoever took this picture , it’s the guy on the receiving end of this vehicular fellatio.

It seems to be good form and good fun. But why are we guys so up on getting this type of treatment? Why do we want to risk putting our lives—not to mention her throat—in danger in order to receive just a little bit of stimulation followed by an immense elation?

Wait. We just answered the question: It’s a thrill! We’re animals, it seems. And hey, even animals need to have fun right?

Therefore, we say bravo to him and bravo to her. These two deserve a medal for so many things. Let’s take a look at a few, shall we?

Them: A perfect placement of the sun blocker. Hilarious actually.

Her: Performing with the seat belt on. What an interesting choice. Click it, or ticket, you know?

Him: Keeping his hand at noon. Perfect control. Nicely done, pal. But where’s the other hand?

Them: Doing the deed on a very public New York City highway. Not many people have the guile to do that.

It’s a good thing these two are keeping it exciting, and keeping it going for all of us as well. Keeping sex interesting in relationships can be difficult, so it’s fantastic that they’re trying out new things.

Or wait, did they meet on Craigslist? Either way, congratulations!