Why today? Because today, she became a badass on Twitter, and badasses make us crush hard.

At 10:38am on 12/13, Rihanna tweeted this:


Two hours later, it already had 19,243 Retweets. Is this the part of the story where Rihanna dumps Chris Brown and becomes a sexy, empowered, independent superstar babe? Fingers crossed.

This 24-year-old Barbados-born star needs no real introduction, unless you've been in a coma. Last month Rihanna introduced her newest album, 'Unapologetic,' which debuted at number one on the Billboard 200 charts, becoming her first number one album. She's currently tied with Madonna and The Supremes for the fifth most number one songs in Billboard history.

To promote her album's release (as if she needed it) Rihanna recently took 50 fans and members of the press on the '777 Tour' -- seven concerts in seven cities in seven days. Her 'Diamonds World Tour' will begin in March 2013.

Everything is going splendidly for this sexy superstar, so maybe she's ready to cut her losses? Fingers crossed.

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