It seems Capcom might be gearing up to unveil another chapter in the storied Resident Evil franchise, if assets that popped up on are to be believed.

According to CVG, an in-game screenshot and an image of the boxart for Resident Evil Revelations 2 (Biohazard, which the boxart actually says, is the Japanese name for Resident Evil) popped up on after also appearing on a French website called Gamer In A Box. There has yet to be an official announcement for Revelations 2, but it looks like the cat's out of Capcom's bag.

What we find interesting is the system associated with the boxart image: Xbox 360. Granted it's impossible to know what consoles the game will launch for without Capcom's official word, but the fact that 360 is even in the picture is a bit disappointing. We have a brand new generation of ultra-powerful consoles for devs to use. and outside of an HD remake of the Gamecube Resident Evil (itself a remake of the PS1 classic), Capcom hasn't announced a single game for Xbox One or PS4. We figure that a new Resident Evil would be a perfect place to start, so we hope that the official Resident Evil Revelations 2 announcement, if and when it comes, includes the new consoles.

We'll have more on this rumor, including any official word, as it develops. For now, feast your eyes on the boxart below.