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One of the many movies I'm looking forward to this year is going to be released this weekend. DEADPOOL!! Maybe you aren't familiar with Deadpool, so here are some random facts to get you up to speed on "The Merc with the Mouth".

  1. When Deadpool was first introduced, he was so similar DC's Deathstroke, Marvel decided to have some fun with this name. Deathstroke is named Slade Wilson. So Marvel made Deadpool's name Wade Wilson.
  2. He was first introduced in New Mutants #98, and wasn't supposed to be anything like the character he is today.
  3. Wilson joined the Weapon X project to help cure his cancer, with the healing factor like Wolverine. Unfortunately it actually made his cancer worse, but the healing factor meant you wouldn't die from it.
  4. He gave himself the name Deadpool. He was sent to a Workshop with other failed government test subjects, where the had a running "Dead Pool" between the inmates. He was given 1000 to 1 odds. He beat the odds.
  5. One of the signatures of Deadpool in the comics is breaking the fourth wall.
  6. Deadpool is one of the few Marvel characters to appear along side almost every other Marvel character. Almost.
  7. He is obsessed with Spider-Man and continually tries to make the web-slinger his best friend.
  8. Deadpool is very violent and isn't always have the highest moral standard. Except when it comes to children, animals and those in need. He has a soft spot for those.
  9. He can survive nuclear explosions, being beheaded and even being burnt to ash. Although he has "died" before. The 2nd time he died, 4 different versions of him emerged. Superheroic, Psychopathic, Comedic, and one version that could only say "No Pickles."
  10. He regularly donates internal organs to those in need, as they just regenerate for him.
  11. Deadpool only fears cows and has two weaknesses. The Anti-Regenerative Ray, and kittens.
  12. He has a daughter, named Eleanor. He only found about his daughter after the mother, Carmelita Camacho had passed away.