The day has come! 'Walk Through Exits Only,' Philip H. Anselmo's highly anticipated solo debut with his backing band, the Illegals, is now available for streaming in full. Anselmo has also just released a pair of videos talking about his upcoming tour, along with instructions on how to conduct oneself while attending a Philip H. Anselmo & the Illegals concert.

'Walk Through Exits Only' won't see an official release until July 16, but thanks to Revolver, the entire album is available for streaming. The record is and incredibly dirty hardcore-infused metal album, carrying the southern sweat of New Orleans throughout. "With the solo stuff, I wanted to do something very extreme to a certain degree," Anselmo told us on the black carpet of the 2013 Revolver Golden Gods Awards, "but I did not want to alienate Pantera fans or any of the other bands that I've been in, but it's very much a first step type of thing. For me it's also three years old now, so it's like damn, I've been sitting on this thing forever."

To pump up fans for Anselmo's tour with Warbeast + Author and Punisher, the singer calls out eight of the cities scheduled to be hit on Anselmo's string of dates. "Get to the show early," the vocalist demands. "Author & Punisher is bad ass, Warbeast always kicks f---ing ass and you never know what's gonna happen with me, Philip H. Anselmo, and these damn Illegals. We're ugly, but we're kind of cute and we've got rock and we've got surprises."

To see Philip H. Anselmo & the Illegals' full list of 2013 North American tour dates, click here. Watch the video for the track 'Bedridden' here, and be sure to check out Philip Anselmo's two messages to his fans in the videos below.