The Isle of Wight festival is well on its way to being one of the concert events of 2012, with Pearl Jam following Tom Petty in delivering a memorable set.

Pearl Jam took the opportunity to not only play the hits, but make a few musical statements of their own. At one point, singer Eddie Vedder stopped down to speak about his admiration for the late Clash singer Joe Strummer and how he was on their minds as they played the festival.

Vedder explained, “He would have loved this place. We were thinking about it on the way here, and sad to say, it’ll be almost 10 years in December he’s not been with us.” The band would then perform ‘Arms Aloft’ from Strummer’s late-in-life group the Mescaleros. The group has trotted out the cover at several stops over the past year.

NME also reports that the band made note of the inclement weather, which threatened to ruin the festival earlier in the week. The group performed a cover of the Beatles‘ ‘Rain’ as a bit of commentary on the situation

Pearl Jam also made a couple of other musical detours away from their catalog, though the inclusions of The Ramones‘ ‘Blitzkrieg Bop,’ the English Beat’s ‘Save It for Later,’ and Jimi Hendrix‘s ‘Little Wing’ were infused into ‘Daughter,’ ‘Better Man,’ and ‘Yellow Ledbetter’ respectively.

Pearl Jam’s Isle of Wight Festival Set List

1. ‘Unthought Known’

2. ‘Last Exit’

3. ‘Hail Hail’

4. ‘The Fixer’

5. ‘Rain’

6. ‘Elderly Woman Behind the Counter in a Small Town’

7. ‘Supersonic’

8. ‘Given to Fly’

9. ‘Untitled’

10. ‘MFC’

11. ‘Even Flow’

12. ‘Setting Forth’

13. ‘Corduroy’

14. ‘Arms Aloft’

15. ‘Jeremy’

16. ‘Why Go’

17. ‘Got Some’

18. ‘Daughter/Blitzkrieg Bop’

19. ‘Just Breathe’

20. ‘Better Man/Save It for Later’

21. ‘Porch’

22. ‘Blood’

23. ‘Alive’

24. ‘Yellow Ledbetter/Little Wing’