We found the real reason behind global warming: these two Model Melee contestants are heating up the oceans. We're fine with it.

Now that Vanessa is officially in the Model Melee Hall of Fame (we highly recommend you click that link and check out the photo gallery), it's time for two brand new Model Melee contenders.

@PattAllTh3Time (left) is a model, singer and dancer from Miami, FL. She says she's a free-spirited, ambitious, passionate dreamer who loves her family, animals, nature, travel and going to the gym.

@BobbieGrei (right) is a singer from Brooklyn who says everything else she does (artist and MAXIM model) is just to keep her from getting bored. Thank goodness for boredom.

So, which pic is hotter? Vote as often as once an hour. Voting ends on Friday, 6/7 at noon, EST.

Official Rules 

The winning girl moves on to challenge another girl next week. If one woman dominates and wins four weeks in a row, she makes the ‘Model Melee Hall of Fame’ and gets retired from the competition. At the end of the year, all Hall of Famers will return, to face off in the crowning of the ‘Grand Hot Twitpic Champion’ (or something – we will come up with a better title by then.)

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