With Christmas fast approaching, Loudwire had a chance to speak with a few rockers about their favorite holiday memories. Papa Roach's Jerry Horton tells us that his music career got a very big boost thanks to his parents' generosity at Christmas growing up.

Horton says his best Christmas was when he got his first electric guitar, though it did come with a little trickery from his parents. He recalls, "Actually, I had an acoustic guitar that I got the previous year and the gift under the tree was a combo amp and I thought, 'OK, cool. Hmmm.' And my dad said, 'Cool, you can plug your guitar into there!' I'm like [sarcastically], 'Yeah, cool thanks.' Then he waited until everything was open and said, 'I think there's one more thing. Go look in the closet.'"

With the electric guitar, Horton now had something to plug into his new combo amp and from there his hard rocking path was launched. Horton tells us he still has that guitar, but that Jacoby Shaddix gave it away for a little while before he was able to retrieve it.

Our thanks to Papa Roach's Jerry Horton for sharing that holiday memory.