Microsoft has finally revealed a list of the next set developers who have been given ID@Xbox development kits so that the next-gen system can boost its indie game library.

The Xbox Wire has unveiled a list of developers who have just been added to the ID@XBox program. The ID@Xbox sends developer kits to various indie studios so that small-time developers can attempt to get titles out on the Xbox One format. The list includes veteran indie developers, such as Robomodo and Playdead. It also lists previous Xbox Live Arcade developers for the Xbox 360, such as Humble Hearts and Ska Studios along with brand new development studios, such as Heart Machine and Glass Bottom Games.

Given the highly apparent lack of indie titles on the Xbox One's library compared to the multitude of choices on the PlayStation 4, the ID@Xbox program has its work cut out for it. We can't wait to see what sort of titles the ID@Xbox program will bring to the Xbox One.