It's something we've all dealt with — having to politely sit in the stench of a stranger's gastrointestinal struggles. It's something that seems to happen more frequently when you're trapped in an airplane, with only stale air circulating. It's something that happened on a recent flight, and caused one passenger to beg the flight attendant's assistance in the matter.

A hand-written note given to a flight attendant, and posted by that flight attendant's son or daughter on reddit, has been making the Internet rounds this week. The note calls out the strong flatulence of a fellow passenger beseeches the flight attendant to make an announcement concerning the matter.

According to reddit user Garwee20, "My flight attendant mom got this napkin from an upset passenger."

The napkin note reads:

"I don't know if you can make an announcement. But if you can, you should say that whoever is farting in the areas of rows 10 to 12 should definitely see a doctor because they might have ass cancer."

While the flight attendant opted against making the announcement, according to the New Zealand Medical Journal, there's science to why people fart more on planes. Dr. Jacob Rosenberg, professor of surgery at the University of Copenhagen said that after a recent trip, he opened his bag and noticed a water bottle had been smashed by the changes in pressure. "And then I thought of the mechanisms of increased bowel air volume when flying," he said.