Nine Inch Nails may have just released their first new full-length album in five years, 'Hesitation Marks,' but Trent Reznor and co. aren't finished just yet with 2013 releases. The iconic industrial act have revealed a live, four track EP available exclusively via Spotify.

Before 'Hesitation Marks' was released, Nine Inch Nails returned to the stage and shared a hearty amount of new material with fans. The group debuted the track 'Copy of A' live at the 2013 Fuji Rock Festival in Japan. Fans have been sharing the July 26 performance online ever since, but now you can hear that very recording on Nine Inch Nails' live EP.

Three songs from Nine Inch Nails' 2013 Lollapalooza set are also featured in the Spotify-exclusive EP. The release rounds off with live versions of 'Hesitation Marks' tracks 'Came Back Haunted' and 'Find My Way,' along with a performance of the 'Pretty Hate Machine' staple 'Sanctified.'

Head on over to Spotify to check out Nine Inch Nails' new live EP.

Nine Inch Nails Spotify EP Track Listing:

1. ‘Copy of A’ (Fuji Rock Festival 2013)
2. ‘Came Back Haunted’ (Lollapalooza 2013)
3. ‘Sanctified’ (Lollapalooza 2013)
4. ‘Find My Way’ (Lollapalooza‘ 2013)