‘Twilight’ actress Nikki Reed rose to fame at the age of 15 playing the racy role of a dark, manipulative high schooler in the controversial 2003 indie film ‘Thirteen,’ which by the way she co-wrote with director Catherine Hardwicke. Reed and Hardwicke teamed up again five years later for the first ‘Twilight’ film, in which Reed plays the stunningly sexy but wounded and volatile Rosalie Hale, the sister of pasty vampire pansy Edward Cullen.

She played the most mature and interesting of all the sexy ‘Twilight’ ladies in three more movies from the franchise over the past several years. The series will conclude with ‘Breaking Dawn Part 2,’ opening this November.

But the 24-year-old actress hopes to break away from the ‘Twilight’ series with roles in two upcoming film projects, ‘Pawn,’ a crime flick with Ray Liotta and Forest Whitaker set for 2013, and ‘Empire State,’ an action thriller co-starring Liam Hemsworth and Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson, also slated for a 2013 release.

We’re looking forward to seeing Reed get her action on in these upcoming projects. (Note to Hollywood: We wouldn’t object to seeing her crashing sports cars or firing a big-ass gun. Two guns if you can swing it.) For now, we’ll settle for this photo gallery and perusing her blog, in which she posts pictures of her travels and writes about her life as an actress and her new foray into music.