The Diamond Dynasty mode in MLB 13: The Show is going to be revamped a bit, and should provide fans with even more reason to keep playing.

A little bit RPG, a little bit Ultimate Team, the Diamond Dynasty mode in MLB 13: The Show brings the collectible card game to the next level with its latest iteration. With fully customizable players, real-world MLB stars, and the ability to train and make your own players even better, there's a real chance Sony San Diego might have created the best kind of dynasty game mode yet.

As you can see in the latest video below, there are a lot of upgrades coming. Most importantly though is the new quitter-proof system, which now awards points to players on a per-inning basis. That way, when someone rage quits, you don't lose out on all your progress and payouts.

Remember, pitchers and catcher report in just 23 days, and you can get MLB 13: The Show on for the PlayStation 3 and PS Vita on March 5th.