After it was reported that AC/DC drummer Phil Rudd was involved in a Dec. 4 confrontation with a potential witness in his upcoming trial at a New Zealand coffee shop, more details are emerging about what happened.

Initial reports described the 69-year-old Rudd getting into some sort of physical altercation outside Columbus Coffee in Tauranga, New Zealand with a larger man. Now it appears Rudd may have scuffled with two people, including his current bodyguard.

The coffee shop’s owner, Leo Rojas, told the New Zealand Herald what he witnessed. “I thought the big guy was trying to abuse an old man. Then I realized it was the old man trying to fight the big guy,” Rojas says, adding that he tried to break it up before falling, at which point he heard the “big guy” tell Rudd, “Back up. I don’t want to break your face.”

After being pushed to the ground, Rudd reportedly yelled, “that’s why you don’t work with the mafia,” at which point the other man headed for his car, saying, “Phil, get out of my way. That’s why I don’t work for you anymore.”

Rojas told the paper that Rudd’s own bodyguard then got involved, trying to hold him back so the other man could leave, but Rudd reportedly attacked him as well: “Phil started punching and kicking his own bodyguard, which I don’t understand.”

Rudd reportedly went back into the coffee shop to pick up his wallet, phone and other things he dropped during the scuffle. “He came back to pick those up and he started yelling to the customers, ‘never get involved with the mafia,’” Rojas says. “My customers were all very nervous, especially the old ladies and a few kids as well.”

The scuffle landed Rudd in court later in the day, where a judge amended the drummer's bail to include a clause that he couldn't use illegal drugs.

Rudd is facing charges of “threatening to kill” another man and for alleged possession of methamphetamine and cannabis. He is due back in court on Feb. 10. Rudd had also been charged with hiring a hitman to commit a murder, but that charge was dropped.

His lawyer entered a “not guilty” plea to the charges earlier this week and it was revealed that Rudd would likely face a “judge-alone” trial next year. Rudd's legal woes have been at the forefront just as AC/DC's latest album 'Rock or Bust' was released.

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