Sega, Nintendo and Capcom join forces to bring Sonic the Hedgehog and Animal Crossing over to the dragon-slaying escapades of Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate.

According to Capcom Unity, those adorable Felyne companions you get in Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate are getting some sweet new costumes to wear. That's right, you'll get to make your Felyne sidekick dress like Sonic the Hedgehog, Mr. Resetti or even Isabelle from Animal Crossing! Sonic's outfit comes with the Caliburn sword for you to wield as well. You can even select a nostalgic Guild Card background that has your Palico Felyne running the loop. The Isabelle outfit will have her signature clipboard, while the Mr. Resetti costume will have his pickaxe.

Don't forget that Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate is already getting some Hylian gear as well. We can't wait to see what else Capcom has lined up for us when Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate launches on the Nintendo 3DS in early 2015.


We'll never forget that bonus stage from Sonic 2.