Mick Jagger has been confirmed as the host for the season finale of ‘Saturday Night Live,’ closing the chapter on the storied sketch show’s 37th season, according to ScreenCrush. Jagger has appeared on ‘SNL’ multiple times as the musical guest with the Rolling Stones, but this is his first foray as the host. The finale airs May 19.

Jagger has also cameoed on ‘SNL,’ as recently as December 2011, when former cast member Jimmy Fallon returned to host an episode and got to try out his Mick impression in front of rock’s legendary frontman.

We can’t wait to see Jagger the joker. It’s about time that producer Lorne Michaels tapped the legendary frontman to host and bring his cheeky British humor to the stage. Since longtime regulars Andy Samberg, Jason Sudeikis and Kristine Wiig are reportedly bouncing after this season, let’s hope Jagger gets some good skit time with ‘em.

Hosting is a hard shill, but we think Jagger will handle himself just fine. Looking forward to that opening monologue, Mick. Make yourself a note now, so you can remember to tune in in two weeks.