After making several controversial comments lately about the Aurora, Colo., shootings,  President Obama and his wife Michelle and other topics, Megadeth’s Dave Mustaine has given a relatively tame interview to the Seymour Duncan blog.

Tame doesn’t mean uninteresting, because no matter what the topic, Mustaine speaks his mind. In regard to the rise of technology in the recording of music, he said, “I’m a purist and I don’t want to seem like I don’t care about young people and creativity and doing cool things. I gotta tell you there are certain things that the digital world has made so that very inferior players can get away with sounding like they are good. The problem with that is not that the record doesn’t sound good and is enjoyable, it’s when you go to watch them live. They sound really fabulous on record because they are using Pro Tools, this whole digital world that cradles them, and the listener is thinking ‘wow these guys are really wonderful.”

Mustaine also talked about how the positives and negatives of the internet. “The good thing that I like about the internet is it makes it real easy to deliver your product to your fans at an affordable price. There is piracy and people who steal. They don’t realize it is intellectual material and it is the same thing as food. Giving something to get, that’s the deal – if you get something and the person doesn’t get anything in return that is either a gift or you are stealing it. Myself, I think the dude who created Napster probably ruined hundreds of thousands of people’s lives because of that peer-to-peer file transferring, but if he hadn’t done it, there are plenty of smart people out there who would have. It’s human nature.”

Megadeth has begun working on their next album. Mustaine tweeted a few weeks ago that Johnny K, who helmed their last record ‘TH1RT3EN’ will also produce the forthcoming disc.