Being a PlayStation 3 owner who is obsessed with the Mass Effect series is a lot like being a lifelong Chicago Cubs fan who tortures himself by sitting through the World Series ever year. Not only did the original Mass Effect never hit the console, but Xbox 360 players have been getting a far superior version of Mass Effect 3′s multiplayer since the game came out in March.

Now, Destructoid points out, PS3 Mass Effect 3 obsessives are finally moving up in the world. The game’s multiplayer events, which give players the chance to rack up experience faster while taking on different objectives, will bash down the door and make themselves at home inside your not-so-little black box.

Developer BioWare, which has been digging the response it’s seen to its events, recently promised it will be cranking out events every other week. It’s nice of BioWare to give us a couple weekends a month to take a break from the game and take our significant others out out to dinner. Just as long as they don’t get pushy and ask us to take them out when there’s a chance for double XP.