When Critter Shack  pulls a dog from the shelter they have a high risk of having kennel cough.

Sweet Maddie had been treated for almost a month in isolation at the shelter, where the kennel cough should have subsided. When she was released it was under the understanding that she was well. Unfortunately she was not.

After making another visit to the vet it was made known that she had a tumor in her ear as well as a strong strain of kennel cough. The vet is hopeful that the mass can be removed and she will have no further problems, but this won’t be confirmed until the surgery is completed. The estimate for surgery is $220-$370.00.

Critter Shack Rescue is a non-profit rescue that runs off funds made by donations. They have saved many lives from the shelter and these expenses can take a hard hit on their vetting account. If you can help with a small donation for Maddie’s surgery or a donation to Critter Shack, it would definitely be appreciated. Donations can be made now for Maddie under Critter Shack @ San Angelo Vet Hospital at 653-3301.