Love and Death will drop the video for the title track from their ‘Chemicals’ EP on May 7, but to stoke the fires of fan excitement, the band has issued a 32-second teaser. It’s short but chilling snippet. It’s also horror movie creepy, featuring masked marauders and more.

Love and Death, featuring former Korn guitarist Brian ‘Head’ Welch, have crafted quite a cinematic, dark and downright scary vid and we feel that way based only on the half-minute of footage the band has chosen to share. One can only imagine how terrifying the complete clip will be.

Welch has a mask attached to his face early on by an ominous person and that’s when weird stuff starts happening. Not too much is revealed in this super short clip, but it’ll get your mind curious to see more. If you like horror flicks, then this teaser, which is shot in black and white and in color, is right up your dark, deserted and desolate alley.

The band also performs in a claustrophobic room, which certainly ups the tension. In other scenes, Welch’s dreads are flailing about as he rocks out.

Watch the clip below and then take a listen to the EP stream, which Loudwire recently hosted!

Watch Love and Death ‘Chemicals’ Teaser Video