If you're one of the players who are ridin' dirty around Middle-earth, waiting for the instances promised in October, we've got some good news! Not only did the Riders of Rohan expansion drop on Saturday, but today's update delivers so much shiny content that it'll make Smaug want to sit on it.

The Lord of the Rings Online massively-multiplayer online role-playing game is getting a little boosty-boost in content today, some of which ties in with the release of Peter Jackon's The Hobbit in theaters.

VG247's Stephany Nunneley had a chance to play through some of the updates and reported a few of her experiences in Update 9 - Against the Shadow. There are new instances that take place in the Misty Mountains and Mirkwood, which are locations that are featured prominently in The Hobbit. Nunneley describes her experiences playing through Iorbar's Peak and Goblin Town. While the third instance wasn't available for play, Nunneley said that it will take players to Mirkwood, the spider-infested woods in which Bilbo and company traveled.

But perhaps the most tantalizing announced instance is the battle with the dragon, Smaug, in the Lonely Mountain, which will be accessible to players level 20 and up. It's just a shame that we'll have to wait until February for that fight, as well as a six-man instance in the city of Dale.

For more on the instances and updated content, read through Nunneley's impressions on VGA247 and check the game's official site for patch notes later today.