We're dying a little on the inside waiting for more footage of the next project by From Software. Given that they made Dark Souls, we'll probably be dying a lot, actually.

Polygon reports that Project Beast, the upcoming title being developed by From Software and Sony Computer Entertainment, has had some gameplay footage leaked online. Project Beast is rumored to be a PlayStation 4 exclusive. Based on what we have seen of its character design, environments, gameplay style and overall theme, Project Beast appears to be created in the same style of the Souls series.

The footage depicts a warrior fighting against ancient monsters and moving on to a tentacled fiend that would have made H.P. Lovecraft proud. It wasn't until we saw a gun being brandished that we realized Project Beast is going to be quite different from its predecessors.

While nothing is set in stone, we sure hope that we get to see more of Project Beast at E3.